Why doesn’t the Blackvue Power Magic Pro work in my car?

Power Magic Pro

The Blackvue Power Magic Pro enables the Parking Mode feature on these devices. This feature powers the cameras for a set amount of time whilst your car is off and you’re away from it.

This happens by the constant monitoring of your cars’ battery by a special little unit; the Power Magic Pro. When it senses that your voltage is below a certain point, it disconnects so that you never come back to your car with a flat battery.

Sounds great, why doesn’t the Power Magic Pro work in my car? We’ve found that with later European vehicles, by default, their electronic system drops below the threshold for the Power Magic Pro and instantly triggers the device to disconnect.

Leaving you in the dark and without the protection of your Dash Cam setup.

late model European vehicles, especically BMW’s and Mercedes-Benz automatically trigger the Power Magic Pro to disconnect…

What do we use if not the Power Magic Pro?

Good question. What we’ve found is that adding one of the Blackvue dedicated battery packs is the answer.

These operate in a similar way, the battery connects to your car in order to charge. They’re then connected directly to the Blackvue Dash Cams and supply them power. When your car is off, instead of taking power from your car, the cameras take their power from the battery pack.

This provides a few advantages, with the main one being that you’ll get considerably more recording time from the battery pack than the Power Magic Pro setup. You also don’t have to worry about the health of your cars’ battery and again, you’ll never come back to a flat car battery.

What’s the performance like?

When we’re talking about the battery packs, we’re talking about one of two:

  • B-112 – this is a small form battery that can be easily hidden away in your car’s cabin
  • B-124 – the bigger option of the two, this is quite a large unit that whilst can be hidden, is a little more difficult

Blackvue Power Magic Battery Pack (B-112)

Speaking in very basic terms and what is essentially lab numbers, the Power Magic Battery pack should give you 12-hours of Park Mode recording from 1-hour of charging.

In addition to running your Blackvue Dash Cams, it also has two USB 5V ports that will allow you to charge other devices like Phones and Tablets (this will affect the length of Park Mode recording time if your charging whilst the ignition is off). It is also 12V and 24V compatible, meaning it’ll work in cars and trucks.

60-minutes of charging gives you 12-hours of Park Mode recording

Need more time? The Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-124x) is for you

If you leave your car for more than 12-hours and require Park Mode for the whole time, the Power Magic Ultra Battery is more your speed. From just 40-minutes* of charging, the B-124x will power your Park Mode Blackvue Dash Cams for up-to 24-hours**.

This is the solution for those who need a significantly longer coverage time. Through the use of the B-124e product, you can add extra batteries in sequence to double, or triple your capacity to 72-hours.

*fast charging requires the B-124x to be hardwired to your vehicle
**24-hours is based on a single channel dash cam setup

40-minutes of charging gives you 24-hours of Park Mode recording

The Solutions for you and your car

Whilst we’d love the solutions to be simple and easy for Dash Cam installation, there are some vehicles that make it hard. So, if you’re the owner of a car that requires a little something extra to enable Park Mode, or you’re looking for something with a longer recording time – the B-112 and B-124x are the products for you.

As always, our team is always on-hand to guide you through the process and let you know the best products to buy to get your desired result. Contact us via email, Facebook Messenger or via phone.


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