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Blackvue X-Series or S-Series – Which Is Best in 2021?

Blackvue X-Series or S-Series - Which Is Best in 2021?

The King of dash cams in the Australian market; Blackvue has released the long-awaited Blackvue X-Series. This replaces the Blackvue S-Series; but what’s the difference? Which model should you invest in to protect yourself and your car?

There’s been a lot of talk around the new models and the new series. However, with a lot of that talk comes a lot of confusion. So I’m going to try and lay it out here and help you understand what’s going on and which one is best for you and your car.

Blackvue X-Series

This post must start with a general, sweeping statement;

Functionally, there isn’t a difference between the old S-Series and the new X-Series

In saying this, there are added features that the X-Series enables over the old S-Series. However, if you’re thinking that the new Blackvue X-Series has a better camera, clearer image or added features, no.

The two upgrades or differences with the new version is that the X-Series enables the Blackvue CM100LTE LTE Connectivity Module and it has the traditional Power Magic Pro power management built-in.

Built-In Power Management

Traditionally to enable Park Mode for the Blackvue S-Series cameras, you would need the Power Magic Pro unit as a part of the installation process.

With the new Blackvue X-Series, power management magic is built-in. Simply meaning you no longer need that module to enable Park Mode.

Live-Viewing Your Camera

Arguably the only ‘new’ feature for the Blackvue X-Series is the introduction of the LTE Connectivity module. Put simply, it’s a mobile phone that attaches to your windscreen and the dashcam that allows you to live-view your camera anywhere on the planet.

It’s an add-on at installation time costing $229 (at time of writing) and requires an active SIM card with a data plan and a Blackvue Cloud account.

The additional cost of this feature is estimated to be around $620 for the first year (includes buying the unit), and around $380 for every year afterwards.

Do we think it’s a worthwhile addition? Do we think it’s worth the money? That’s a question only you can answer! The ability to see ‘what your car is seeing’ from anywhere you have reception or WiFi is pretty cool and could be very handy.

Round-up and Final Thoughts

We’ve had these questions a lot since the X-Series release and we wanted to make it pretty clear the differences in the series. The CM100LTE is cool, giving you the live-view ability, but unless there’s a specific need for remote surveillance, it’s a little hard to justify the $500+ extra cost.

Free Installation and Power Magic Pro


During the month of February, we’re offering free installation and Power Magic Pro with every purchase of a Blackvue S-Series camera. Meaning unless you’re looking for the CM100LTE module, the Blackvue DR750s 2-Channel starting at $599 (32GB capacity) is an amazing deal!


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