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The Best Apple CarPlay for Toyota in 2021

The Best Apple CarPlay for Toyota in 2021

As one of the most sold vehicles in the Country, chances are you own a Toyota. There’s an even stronger chance that you’re wanting to add Apple CarPlay to your ride. We’re here to let you know that it’s not only possible, but it’s quite easy and budget-friendly! Let’s run through the most common models, their best options and the average cost of the upgrades*!

Adding the power of Apple’s Siri voice-command, GPS applications like Google Maps and Waze and music on-demand services like Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music and YouTube Music can transform your car. There are other products on the market that trick your factory system into thinking that it has Apple CarPlay, but for your Toyota, we will always recommend upgrading to a tried and tested OEM replacement product.

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The Best Apple CarPlay Unit for your Toyota

There are more than a few options here for upgrading to Apple CarPlay. Really great units are on the market from Kenwood, Pioneer, Sony, and even new-comer Axis. Which is best for you and your car though? We’ll take a quick walk around the market and see what’s around and what fits best with what you’re wanting and how much you’re wanting to spend!

Kenwood Apple CarPlay Units

In addition to providing the absolute best in audio quality, Kenwood is the only manufacturer that develops units specifically for Toyota. For at least these two reasons, Kenwood is your first pick for adding Apple CarPlay into your Hilux, Corolla, or Camry.

For some reason best known to themselves, Toyota departs from the universal standard of Double-Din (180mm x 100mm) with most of their vehicles and runs a 200mm x 100mm layout. Normally, this would mean a small, inexpensive fascia kit is required.

Kenwood saw this as an opportunity to make specific models for the Toyota owners of the world. Their wide-screen models (noted by a WS in their product name) fit perfectly in the Toyota dash and look, amazing.

These feature-packed units are in a league of their own, however, they’re not exactly at the budget end of the spectrum. Starting around the $700 mark, these units are aimed at those owners who will go further with their installation. If you’re thinking upgraded speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers, having a Kenwood running the system is a dream-team!

On average, you’ll be looking at around $1,200 for a Kenwood Toyota specific unit installed

Pioneer Apple CarPlay Units

Working in the mid-80% of the market, Pioneer units are solid, feature-rich and reliable. In the DMH range, Pioneer really jumps up in terms of design and in-dash look and appeal. Offering features in addition to Apple CarPlay like Wireless, HD-screens, dual USB, Bluetooth and WebLink – these units deserve their place in your Corolla’s dash.

On average, you’ll be looking at around $1,000 to have a Pioneer Apple CarPlay unit installed in your Toyota (includes vehicles with steering wheel controls)

Sony Apple CarPlay Units

At the lower end of the market (on purpose) is possibly the most recognisable name in the car audio game. In the game for over 15-years, their quality, passion and reliability are legendary. For your Toyota and Apple CarPlay specifically, it’s the matchup that’ll deliver the best result for the lowest price.

Take a 120-Series Toyota Prado as an example car. To upgrade to Apple CarPlay, all that’s required is:

For just $640 you have upgraded your car to the latest in in-car entertainment, added GPS guidance and the safety of a reverse camera (offer depending)

Getting Apple CarPlay for your Toyota

Given the relative simplicity of most Toyota’s, upgrading them with all the features of a reputable OEM aftermarket head unit is affordable and very easy. With most installs needing only 2-2.5 hours it’s something that can be done in almost any model.

With the addition of Aerpro’s plug-n-play harnesses and adaptors, it’s never been simpler to tackle this as a weekend DIY project as well! With no cutting, soldering or advanced knowledge required grab your upgrade today from one of Australia’s biggest Car Audio Specialists, Bankstown Sound & Marine!


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