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The New for 2021 Pioneer DMH-A4450BT Review

The New for 2021 Pioneer DMH-A4450BT Review

This year has been quite a challenge here in Australia. From multiple lock-downs, worldwide shipping and stocking issues and rolling toilet paper shortages. Hopefully, the release of Pioneer’s new A-Series units is the blessing it promises to be! So let’s get into it; the Pioneer DMH-A4450BT Review!

In a press release about the DMH-A4450BT, Mr Takekawa Daisuke, Managing Director, Pioneer Electronics Asia Centre addressed the connection between today’s drivers and their phones, saying “…the smartphone is often the centrepiece of their lives.”

He then followed to place the new A-Series products in the market by saying “We designed our new A-Series receivers to achieve a perfect balance of premium connectivity and unparalleled affordability so that everyone can fully enjoy their apps and entertainment as they drive.”

What is the Pioneer DMH-A4450BT?

From what we’ve been told is that the new A-Series devices from Pioneer are full-function units at an extraordinary price-point. These units are designed in line with Pioneer’s current aesthetic, using edge-to-edge glass. The Pioneer DMH-A4450BT sports a 6.8″ WVGA LCD capacitive touch screen, capable of playing 1080p video files.

These A-Series units, the DMH-A4450BT being no different, seem to be solid performers, just one step back from what you’d usually expect from Pioneer. That step back though does allow the units to come in a little cheaper and more accessible for drivers and vehicles.

I’m still getting Features, right?

Oh hell yeah! Despite all the talk of this unit being cheap or budget, the DMH-A4450BT comes with all the features that 98% of customers actually want.

“We designed our new A-Series receievers to achieve a perfect balance of premium connectivity and unparalleled afforability…”

In your short-chassis unit, you get a bunch of functionality and features packed in:

  • Apple CarPlay (USB connection required)
  • Android Auto (USB connection required)
  • Android Screen Mirroring (USB connection required)
  • FLAC (high-res audio) playback support
  • Bluetooth
  • USB
  • Reverse Camera (single input)
  • 3x 4V RCA Pre-Outs

Like I said before, think of this as the Pioneer DMH-Z5350BT’s little brother (or sister…). It’s built on the same platform, just one or two steps back to keep the price down.

Pioneer DMH-A4450BT

Cheap doesn’t mean Crap, right?

Not way friend! As a benefit of the troubles caused by COVID-19, Pioneer’s engineers created magic in a bottle and stuffed the DMH-A4450BT with high-fidelity audiovisual features commonly found on flagship receivers. This means that on the back of a global pandemic, we get playback support for FLAC lossless audio files and a variety of Full HD (1080p) video formats over USB for cheap!

The 2021 DMH-A4450BT also sports Bass Boost, a feature that offers three selectable levels (2, 4, 6 dB) of amplified bass. Bass Boost accentuates audio details in the low-frequency range with just a push of a button.

The Pioneer DMH-A4450BT Review Result…

I’ll be completely honest with you guys, here at Bankstown Sound & Marine, we’re huge Pioneer fans. We love their AV units; the mix of features, design and price is spot-on in our eyes.

The incoming 2021 A-Series of units is something that we’ve been waiting on for a while now. Starting with the Pioneer DMH-A4450BT has not changed out excitement! The DMH-Z5350BT, to date, has been one of our most popular and highest selling units. To have a new unit with similar features for a lower, more accessible price-point; that’s awesome!

Given the way stock is flowing at the moment, our suggestion is to GRAB IT NOW WHILE YOU CAN GET IT! Don’t hold on, don’t wait. If you’re in the market for an upgrade… pull the trigger now!


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