Insane Fathers Day 2021 Sale

Insane Fathers Day 2021 Sale

We’ve been playing it a little bit cool these past couple of months. But for Fathers Day 2021, we’re going all out. We’ve got the best offers available in all of Australia at the moment – and we’re so freaking pumped to bring them to you!

We’ve brought together the best products and slapped the best prices and offers on them we can imagine. We’ve got Sony XAV-AX1000’s with free shipping and a free reverse camera for just $399! That’s mental! We’ve even managed to add more value and special-ness into more deals – how about a free set of speakers too?

Free Reverse Camera and Shipping

We figure that whilst you’re at home, or suffering from the #COVID-blues this Fathers Day 2021, you’re going to want to add a reverse camera when you’re upgrading to a new AV unit in your car. So we’re giving you the Parkmate CMD12N reverse camera for free! That’s right, the grand total of $0.00.

Getting to you is still a little more out of our control than we’d like – the postal services say they’ve got a handle on things now, but… we know better 😉 so, we thought we’d make it a little easier to handle, by covering shipping ourselves. Get your awesome Car Audio upgrades this Fathers Day 2021, for free!

Free Reverse Camera, Shipping AND 6.5`` SPEAKERS!

As if awesome prices, a free reverse camera and free shipping weren’t enough! We’ve managed to smash more value and awesome into select offers by giving, GIVING, you a pair of Kenwood KFC-S1666 2-Way 6.5″ Speakers on select Car Audio Head Units.

That’s right, pay for the unit and get a reverse camera and speakers sent to you, Australia wide, FOR FREE! What a mental offer to celebrate Fathers Day 2021?!

Quotes and Info for this Fathers Day 2021 Mental Sales Event

During this truly insane Fathers Day 2021 sale, we’ve got the best products left in the country from Sony, Pioneer and Kenwood on mental offers for you! Take advantage because these offers are a once in a year deal!

As always, to stop the flood of “Will this fit in my car” questions, please head over to Aerpro’s website to check. Look for your car and make sure that there is a Double Din Fascia kit available – if so, then hell yeah, brother! It’ll fit and you’re about to get the best deal on the market!

For fitment quotes, send us an email at help@bankstownsound.com.au and we’ll get back to you with a quote. At the moment, in light of the NSW COVID Lockdown restrictions, we won’t be able to book your install straight away, we’ll have to wait until they lift, but we can let you know the cost!


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