3 Important Reasons We Now Ship with Australia Post in 2020

3 Reasons We Now Ship with Australia Post in 2020

Why ship with Australia Post? Well, we strive to be the best – for you. Our advice, our products, our prices and our service is all designed to make your Car Audio journey simpler and easier. One aspect of this plan that we had little to no control over was shipping. If 2020 taught us nothing else, it was the importance of reliable, predictable delivery methods. This is one of the three reasons we now ship with Australia Post.

In the digital shopping age, shipping cannot be more important. The time it takes, the cover you’ve got while it’s being shipped and the options you’ve got if you’re not present when the delivery is made.

Our partners in the past have, for the most part, done a great job handling your deliveries on time and with care. However, we found it a little limiting being only able to offer you one, it’ll get there when it gets there option.

With AfterPay and such, having what you want now is important.

Reason One why we Ship with Australia Post now – Speed

After having a little bit of a stumble at the beginning of the year in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis and the ripple effect that had on shipping, we’ve found Australia Post has come back pretty hard in terms of delivery times – in general. Whilst there are still examples where certain packages and locations taking much too long to deliver, in general, AusPost is faster than any other provider in the country.

Getting you your orders quickly is something that’s super important to us. During this period, we’re working on ensuring that your orders are picked and packed same-day. The choice was made to ship with Australia Post and to use their end-to-end delivery network to ensure that your packages get to you as quickly as possible.

Reason Two why we Ship with Australia Post now – Options

Traditionally, point-to-point couriers only have one shot at delivery. If you’re not home, there’s nowhere safe the leave the parcel or we’ve told them they’re not allowed to – your options become very limited in finally receiving your package. Now that we’ve made the switch and now ship with Australia Post, there are so many more!

Parcel lockers are now an option, picking up your parcel from your local post office is now an effortless alternative. Ensuring these options are available to you makes the entire process simpler, safer and hopefully gives you, our customers a higher sense of confidence dealing with Bankstown Sound & Marine.

We’re also working hard to implement your choice of shipping at the checkout too, standard or express post! Keep any eye out for that in early 2021!

Reason Three why we Ship with Australia Post now – Reliability

Forgiving the international mess that was the first half of 2020, Australia Post has a heritage of reliability in mail delivery. Once we hand off your parcel to our delivery partners, our control is over… we have no power. We’re both trusting that the delivery will be made without issue. This year, for us luckily, 99% of our packages have reached their destinations without issue. But backing the biggest and best in the country can’t hurt!

We’ve also introduced end-to-end tracking both through Australia Post and our own backend platform. So at any point, as soon as you’ve got your packages’ connote, you will be able to find out exactly where it is!

Everything we do is to improve the service that we’re providing you. From our product range, prices, advice and content like this. We feel that the move to partner with Australia Post is one of those moves that’ll just make sense in the long run.

If you’re reading this when it was posted (holiday season 2020), please know that although we’re doing everything we possibly can to get your orders out as quickly as possible, there are circumstances that we cannot control; so be safe and give yourself some time to make sure that you get your items in time for the big day!


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