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Good question! Here’s why – when you buy from an Authorised Stockist you get special things like, supplier backed warranty. Something goes wrong? Sweet as fam, bring it back and we’ll either fix it, or replace it! Grey-Importing stops. Grey-importing is basically what’s happened with Australia’s Toilet paper. Some one went and bought 500 units and shipped them here themselves. That stock shouldn’t be here and might not even be configured to work here in Australia!

But to be clear, everything we sell is Authorised Stock and we’re 100% above board. We pride ourselves on giving you guys the best. Anything less, just doesn’t cut it.

We sure do! From July 21st 2020, we are offering insurance on all orders for a $10 flat-fee that covers you for damage and loss during transit.

Due to COVID-19, there’s been a massive surge in eCommerce buying, which is great for us, but not so good when the postal service gets overloaded and things go missing. We’re not dealing with $10 t-shirts here either, you guys are forking out a couple of hundred dollars on your orders and we want them to be protected as much as you!

Please opt-in for the extra security of the insurance on your shipping. If you don’t and something happens, there’s little to nothing we can do… you’ll be out of pocket and out of sound – not something we want. So insure it!

Sorry guys! We’ve made it a policy that if it’s a Chinese (or other) head unit, or upgrade kit etc. we won’t touch it.

We can’t trust the quality in which it was made, the parts, the software or the fitment etc. Unfortunately, if you bring us an eBay unit, our first and only recommendation will be to buy an Authorised Aftermarket unit.

Of course you can! We have our own Return Policy, but if you follow that process, you can return your purchase for either a refund, or store credit – your choice.

This hurts our heart more than any other situation ?! We’ve been around for over 15-years. In that time, we’ve spent hundreds of thousands of hours on the phone trying to talk you through car audio installations. Only to have something go wrong somewhere along the way.

Our installers are qualified auto-electricians that have specialised in Car Audio for at least the past 5-years. They are really good at what they do but they’re not mind readers. We’ve had too many instances where we’ve told a customer to put the round block through the round hole only to find out they’ve put the Cat in the dishwasher instead…

So, we do not give installation advice or steps over the phone. If you’re not 100% confident in how to do what needs to be done, book a professional installation. It’s just better and easier for everyone involved – including the Cat!

No worries! Things happen! Firstly, check your order status. If it’s anything other than Completed, we’re good. If it’s Completed, that means that it’s been picked, packed and dispatched. It’s more than likely with the courier already and once it’s gone… it’s gone!

If not, send an email to customerservice@bankstownsound.com.au with your Order ID and the new information – we’ll make the change and we’re good to go!



Please contact us via our email, Facebook Messenger or via the phone during business hours.