Enjoy it now and pay later at Bankstown Sound with AfterPay!

Enjoy it now and pay later at Bankstown Sound with AfterPay!

Managing your money is important to you. Whatever’s important to you, is important to us at Bankstown Sound; we love you guys! Car Audio isn’t cheap, we know! Responsibly managing your spend and budgeting for what you can afford is important. AfterPay goes a long way to helping you get what you want when you want it!

What is AfterPay?

As one of the first BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) systems in Australia, AfterPay is a bit of a trailblazer. Think of it like reverse lay-buy. Instead of paying retailers off and then getting your stuff – you get your stuff and then pay off AfterPay. It works for you because you get four fortnights to pay it off, and it works for Bankstown Sound because we get paid by AfterPay within 24-hours! Everyone’s happy!

There are no fees for using the service either! If something is $100 in-store, you’ll pay $100 for the item! Except of course if you miss a payment, then you’ll be charged a missed payment fee – but that’s fair.

What do I need to get AfterPay?

Getting in with AfterPay is pretty simple:

  1. Have a Debit Card
  2. Be alive

Jump onto their website and apply today! You’ll be given a credit of $500 to start off with, spend that and pay it back without issue and you’ll rise to $800, do the same and you’ll land at the AfterPay maximum of $1,200 of credit.

Where Does Bankstown Sound Accept AfterPay?

We’re happy for you to use it in-store as well as online! Where ever you can get stuff from us, grab it on AfterPay!