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In-Car Entertainment

Upgrading your vehicle with entertainment options should be a simple, easy and enjoyable experience. We've collected a range of products that we either already have in our cars, or would love to!

In-Car Entertainment Accessories

For some of us, our cars are simply a mode of transport from Point A, to Point B. For others, they’re our pride and joy, and for some; we live, work and play in them.

Upgrading your vehicle with some awesome In-Car Entertainment options is what we’re all about!

Smart TVs

For the longest time, putting an extra screen in your car meant you were limited to watching DVDs. In the Netflix age, this was a downgrade. Now there are Smart TV’s that can be simply added to your vehicle that bring the power of Google TV on the road! Watch all your streaming content from sources like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and so many more!

In-Car Entertainment

HiTV Mega 11 DVD Smart TV In-Car Entertainment System

Level-up your road trips with the HiTV Mega 11 DVD Smart TV In-Car Entertainment System. Bring your streaming media content with you on the road with a beautiful 10.6" IPS LCD Full-HD screen.

HiTV RTF Game Pad for HiTV In-Car Entertainment Systems

Use the HiTV RTF Game Pad to connect to your HiTV In-Car Entertainment Systems to play games and control the screens effortlessly from the comfort of your seat!

HiTV V900 DVD Smart TV Pro In-Car Entertainment System

Original price was: $1,599.00.Current price is: $1,499.00.
Upgrade your vehicle into a mobile Cinema with the HiTV V900 DVD Smart TV Pro In-Car Entertainment System. Bring the latest Blockbusters on the road with you so everyone can watch all on premium, crystal clear 9" IPS LCD screens.

Ultra 13 DVD Smart TV Pro

The HiTV Ultra 13 DVD Smart TV Pro is a much needed evolution for in-car entertainment systems. For so long, DVD players were the only source of entertainment available for your backseat passengers, not anymore! With the HiTV Ultra 13 DVD Smart TV Pro bring your viewers favourite content streaming services along for the ride!
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