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Dash Cameras

Keeping an eye on your vehicle whilst you're driving and while you're gone. A dash camera is a smart addition to any vehicle for your protection and safety.

Buy Dash Cameras Online in Australia

Looking for the best dash cameras in Australia online? Look no further than Bankstown Sound & Marine. We stock the best in dash cameras from Thinkware and Blackvue. The highest quality, most reliable and most popular cameras on the market.

1-Channel Dash Cameras

1-Channel dash cameras are perfect for those who just want to keep a record on what’s happening whilst they’re on the road. This would be for protection and verification if there’s an accident or issue whilst driving.

Typically, these are the most cost-effective dash cameras you can get, they’re a great place to start, however, for a fuller protection, opt for 2-Channel, or 3-Channel options.

2-Channel Dash Cameras

Adding a rear channel to your vehicle’s protection, 2-Channel dash cameras are becoming the most popular option when purchasing online.

3-Channel Dash Cameras

For those who drive for a living, be it commercial, or ride sharing like Uber, having the ability to see what’s happening in-front, behind and in-cabin can be amazingly helpful. These new 3-Channel dash camera solutions build on a traditional 2-Channel dash camera system by adding an internally facing Infrared (IR) camera to keep an eye on what’s going on inside the car during the day, and during the night.

Truck Dash Cameras

Having a level of protection and record for trucks is also a great idea. Combining a standard front facing camera with a heavy duty, utility camera for the rear of the truck, you can get the same level of vision and protection in a 12V or 24V truck.

Full HD vs. 4K

Dash cameras online now come in two qualities, Full HD or 4K. in most cases, the features and capabilities of the units are the same. The difference being the quality of the image it’s capable of recording.

The Full HD models record in 1920x1080p, which is the quality of a DVD movie. The 4K models record in 2,160x3840p, which is the quality of a Blu-Ray movie. The benefit, or difference with 4K is when replaying the footage back, you’re able to ‘see’ up to 4 car-lengths ahead of you with the aid of digital zoom. On the other hand, Full HD will give you 1-1.5 car-lengths.

GPS Tracking

By default, all Dash Cameras sold by Bankstown Sound & Marine will record the GPS data of your journey along with the footage so that you can plot your trip over a map – complete with speed information.

Remote View

All dash cameras sold online with Bankstown Sound & Marine can connect to your mobile phone via a direct Wi-Fi connection. You’re also able to remove the memory card from the camera and access the footage on your computer.

It is possible to view your Blackvue dash camera remotely by adding an LTE connectivity module. With the use of this and a data SIM card, you’re able to live-view your dash camera from wherever you are in the world.

Park Mode Recording

Need to record your vehicle whilst it’s parked? Need to see who hit your car in a carpark? Park mode is what’s required in your dash camera installation. This mode enables the dash camera to monitor your car’s battery and continue recording until your battery drops below a certain level (otherwise your car’s battery will drain to the point you won’t be able to start it again).

In some modern, European and EV vehicles, an external battery will need to be purchased and installed to enable this feature. Please have a chat with Bankstown Sound & Marine to find out if your car needs an external battery or not.

Dash Cameras

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