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Improving the quality of your car speakers can add an entirely new dynamic of sound to your system. Bankstown Sound & Marine have a high quality selection of speakers for any application, budget or project.

Buy Car Speakers Online in Australia

Improving the quality of your speakers is a big step in building a truly great sound system. Factory speakers are not good – fact. They are mass-produced, low-quality examples using literal paper and sub-standard magnets to produce sound from an underwhelming factory head unit.

When you upgrade your head unit, your factory speakers go from getting around 6-7WRMS of power to around 23-24WRMS of power from your upgraded head unit. This is a big change. With speakers, more power equals more sound. Pretty soon, your factory speakers will start crackling and sounding terrible.

Upgrading to higher quality speakers can make a huge difference in quality, clarity, overall volume and be just want you need to finish off a great upgrade.

6.5-Inch, the Most Popular Speaker Size

Without doubt, this is the most popular speaker size for any vehicle. Whether they come in coaxial, or component (splits, or two 6.5-inch speakers and two smaller tweeters) – your car probably has 6.5-inch speakers.

Their primary job in an upgraded sound system is volume and high-frequency clarity. They’re there to make vocals and high-pitched instruments sound amazing. These speakers don’t make a lot of bass and you won’t be rumbling through the streets with just 6.5-inch speakers, you’ll need something like a 6×9-inch or the king, 7×10-inch for that.

2-Way, 3-Way, 4-Way, No-Way?

When looking at speakers, they will often be categorised with these terms. What they mean is the number of diaphragms in the speaker construction, or the number of vibrating surfaces. The more diaphragms, or cones, the better. They’ll produce cleaner, louder and richer sound.



The legendary Eton POW16+ in the 3rd stage of development, now with the "+" of extra performance in the high frequency range. The revised POW 16+ convinces with its solid and simple construction: a powder-coated and stiffened metal basket with large ventilation openings.

JBL Club 422F 4-inch Coaxial Speakers

The JBL Club 422F 4-Inch Coaxial Car Speakers is a 4-inch coaxial speaker system that is designed to provide exceptional sound quality in a compact and affordable package.

JBL Club 522F 5.25-inch Coaxial Speakers

The JBL Club 522F 5.25-Inch Coaxial Car Speakers are a great upgrade from factory to improve sound performance and clarity.

JBL Club 620F 6.5-Inch Coaxial Car Speakers

The JBL Club 620F 6.5-Inch Coaxial Car Speakers are a great choice for car owners who want to upgrade their audio system without breaking the bank.