JL Audio HD600/4


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  • Class D 4 channel full range amplifier
  • 150 W RMS x 4 @ 1.5 ohm-4 ohm (11V-14.5V)
  • 300 W RMS x 2 @ 3 ohm-8 ohm (11V-14.5V) (Bridge)

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JL Audio HD600/4 Description

?Small? is not the real story here. Making an amplifier small is great, of course… but not if power and sound quality are sacrificed.

This is why our engineering team focused on achieving world-class fidelity first, and then on making our HD amplifiers amazingly powerful, efficient and small. These efforts led to a remarkable switching amplifier technology called Single Cycle Control?, which allows all of these goals to be achieved.

This exclusive core amplifier technology is mated to our regulated, intelligent power supply (R.I.P.S.), advanced thermal management systems and a full complement of studio-grade processing features to put the all-new HD amplifiers in a performance class all their own.

We invite you to sonically compare the HD amplifiers to any amplifier, at any price… We think you will quickly discover that all the old amplifier compromises have suddenly vanished.

How small and how powerful?
The HD600/4 four-channel delivers twice the power of the much larger 4-channel Slash v2 amp in the background!

Single Cycle Control?
Patented Single Cycle Control? switching technology corrects output in each and every switching cycle (over 400,000 times per second) for pristine power delivery.

R.I.P.S. System?
The remarkable R.I.P.S. System? ensures consistent power delivery over a wide range of battery voltages and load impedances.

Studio-Grade Signal Processing
A full complement of expertly executed signal processing features make HD’s flexible in application and a joy to tune in a variety of system designs.

Differential-Balanced Inputs
Greatly reduce noise and provide compatibility with a wide range of sources, including most OEM systems.

Advanced Rollback Protection and RealSink?
Real, cast aluminium finned heat sinks and our “never-quit” rollback circuitry eliminate annoying thermal shutdown events.

Mounting Options
HD Amplifiers have two mounting options to ease in installation and can also be stacked with an optional stacking kit.

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JL Audio HD600/4 Special Info

Weight3 kg
Dimensions25 × 34.5 × 10 cm

JL Audio

Description:Class D Four-Channel Full-Range Amplifier
Patented Technology:Single Cycle Control™ (U.S. Patent #6,084,450*)
Differential-Balanced Input Topology:2 pairs of inputs
On-board Crossover:State-variable, 12 dB/octave Butterworth or 24 dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley, Low-Pass or High-Pass for each pair of channels
Speaker output connections:Accept up to 12 AWG wire
+12V and Ground connections:Accept up to 4 AWG wire
Rated Power (4 Channel Mode):150 W RMS x 4 @ 1.5 ohm-4 ohm (11V-14.5V)
Rated Power (Bridged to 2 Channel):300 W RMS x 2 @ 3 ohm-8 ohm (11V-14.5V)
THD at Rated Power:<0.03% @ 4 ohm per ch.
S/N Ratio:>110 dB below rated power
(A-weighted, 20 Hz – 20 kHz noise bandwidth)
Frequency Response:6 Hz – 30 kHz (+0, -1dB)
Damping Factor:>300 @ 4 ohm per ch. / 50 Hz
>150 @ 2 ohm per ch. / 50 Hz
Input Range:Switchable from 200mV-2V RMS to 800mV-8V RMS
Dimensions (L x W x H):10.74 in. x 8.29 in. x 1.93 in.
273 mm x 211 mm x 49 mm
(Width Measurement Includes Plugs)

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