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A little more information about how we ship your order, and what to expect

Shipping your Order - What you can expect in 2023

We're passionate about car audio - that's a given. What we're also passionate about is providing out of this world service and an amazing experience for you guys at the same time as providing the best products and the sharpest prices. Part of that service has to include shipping. After all, it's the one thing standing between you and awesome upgrades!

Since the world starting sneezing in 2020, eCommerce has grown so fast Australia's postage and courier networks cannot seem to keep up. Standard procedures were changed, quality slipped, packages were lost, delivery times soared to ridiculous times and we were all stumped, annoyed and down-right angry.

Through it all, we tried to keep level heads and provide that same level of customer satisfaction that we've always strived for. In the two years that've passed, it doesn't seem like going back to normal is even an option anymore. So we must all get used to a new normal. A new way of doing things and a new set of expectations - at least for the foreseeable future.

Our shipping partners

We always keep an eye out for the right products. Shipping providers are not overlooked. Throughout the last 3-years, we've used almost every shipping option available in Australia. We've been through TNT, Fedex, DHL, Toll, we even hired Uber's to deliver a couple of packages!

This process showed us that the partners we've selected moving forward are the right ones for not only our business, but also the best suited to deliver you your orders, on time, reliably.

For your packages, we partner with Australia Post, Couriers Please and Aramex (via Sendle) to consistently, safely and securely deliver your orders.

Australia Post

Shipping via Australia Post (also Star Track) is an obvious choice for us as a business. Their coverage and service level is the best in the country. If you've selected Express Shipping at the checkout, or are having your package delivered to a unit or apartment, we will use them to ship your package.

Unfortunately, under their own advice, we cannot guarantee that even Australia Post can get you your package overnight anymore.

Packages that are sent via AusPost all come with their tracking details. When the package is booked by us, our systems will automatically send you an email with the tracking details and numbers. Please note, that the tracking won't become active until AusPost actually picks up the item from us - so don't try tracking it the moment the email arrives.

Shipping Your Order - What You Can Expect In 2022

Sendle – Couriers Please and Aramex

Over the years, this combo has experienced wildly mixed reviews. Some customers love them, others loathe them. When making our decision to have Sendle be our majority shipping partner we used data. We stuck to the numbers to keep everything fair and impartial. Out of the packages we sent over a testing period, we actually had less failures to deliver than with Australia Post.

There are however, a few differences you, the customer, need to know about a package being delivered by Couriers Please, or Aramex.

Signature on delivery is not an option

Should you not be home when the delivery is being made, your package will be left in a safe place. Where this safe place is ultimately comes down to the judgement of the driver on the day. Bankstown Sound & Marine has no way of controlling what happens next. A bit of advice – porch pirates are a real thing, get yourself a video doorbell, or a package safe for your home to keep items safe when you’re not there.

Deliveries can be made late

These guys work huge hours and deliveries can be made anywhere from 6 AM through to 9 PM at night. From what we’ve seen, deliveries are made Monday through Saturday depending on the individual drivers schedule.

You have tracking – please use it

Every consignment (package) that is sent through Sendle has two levels of tracking. First, the tracking from the vendor courier (Couriers Please, or Aramex) and secondly, the simplified tracking provided by Sendle. When your order has been dispatched, you’ll receive an email with both of your tracking numbers.

Until the package is in your hand, these numbers are Gospel. Where possible, please ensure someone is home on your expected delivery date to ensure a smooth delivery with zero issues.

Shipping Your Order - What You Can Expect In 2022

Insurance and why you need it

It seems pretty simple. A sophisticated piece of electrical equipment is being boxed and shipped around the country in planes, trucks and vans. The cost of the package is usually over $500 - so it makes sense to protect this investment whilst it's being moved around the country.

By default, packages are not insured. If something happens to the package during shipping, like damage or loss, it will not be replaced. This is standard practise for all shipping providers and methods.

Packages, by default, from Bankstown Sound are not insured.

Because the prospect of loosing a few hundred dollars isn't exactly appealing, we've partnered with an insurance provider that will protect packages from loss and damage during shipping. At the checkout, you have the option to add insurance coverage to your order. Insurance is calculated at 4% of the covered value (order total without shipping).

For example, if you were to buy a $550 head unit, the insurance for that package would be $22.

With shipping insurance, you'll be covered for:

  • Damage to the item during shipping (damage to the product, not the box)
  • Loss of the item during shipping (the courier cannot find your item within their system, depots or trucks)

This insurance covers your package from our door to yours. Once the package has been delivered, that's where the coverage ends. Should you fall victim to a porch pirate, that then becomes criminal theft, and a matter for the Police to resolve.

Final thoughts

We strive to provide a 5-star experience to every single person who visits our website. Even if you don't buy, we want to provide you with the best information and advice possible. Should you buy, we want everything to go as smoothly as possible. To that end, we suggest:

  1. Ensure you provide us all the correct details regarding shipping
  2. Add insurance to your order
  3. Keep an eye on your shipment tracking
  4. Create a space at your home for the package to be left safely if you're not there
  5. Take measures to ensure the safety and security of your package if delivered whilst you're not home

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