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What would a dream Toyota Landcruiser 79-Series Sound System look like?

Toyota Landcruiser 79-Series Sound System
original art by Shaun

There’s no secret that Toyota’s most coveted 4WD, the Toyota Landcruiser 79-series, is one of the most robust vehicles on the road, and off it (and in some inner-city car parks). It’s also no secret that the technology provided is also somewhat limited. The sound system, or lack of, is prime amongst pain points for owners. So, if you had all of our access, knowledge and time, what would a dream Toyota Landcruiser 79-Series sound system look like?

Source Unit

First step is to sort out your source unit, or head unit. Starting from a place of power an quality will really make a difference in this build. In a head unit, you’re wanting power, clarity and features. Going in a 79-Series, features are something that are lacking and desperately needed. It’s for these reasons we’d choose an iDatalink Maestro powered Kenwood DMX9720XDS as the captain of this rhythm ship!

Coming stacked with the Hi-Res certified mammoth 10.1-Inch HD screen is the powerful 5V pre-outs ensuring that whatever sound is produced is done so with aggression and perfection. The appearance of iDatalink’s Maestro in this installation allows flawless integration with the 79-Series and provides an array of live-read engine management gauges as well as the addition of dynamic reverse guidelines no matter what reverse camera is installed. In our installation, however, we’ll be running two Kenwood CMOS-740HD cameras; one in the rear and one mounted in the front grille for maximum resolution, performance and visibility on the road and off it.

Another huge selling point for inviting iDatalink’s Maestro to the party is the ability to add up to three MPO’s (Maestro Programmable Outputs). These MPO’s allow us to tie in external accessories to your head unit. Think of them as digital switch relays. Got a roof mounted LED light bar, add a button to your head unit to fire them up. What about a winch mounted to your front bar for rescues or when things get sketchy on the track – you guessed it, effortlessly control it from your massive 10.1-Inch Kenwood head unit! The applications and options are limitless with the iDatalink Maestro and Kenwood DMX9720XDS combination.

Kenwood DMX9720XDS Wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto Tablet Digital Media Receiver

The 10.1" King, the Kenwood DMX9720XDS offers an incredible in-car experience and allows you to integrate and instantly upgrade to many of the newest smartphone, navigation, camera, and multimedia features.

Aerpro ATB2 In-Dash Facia

The Aerpro ATB2 is a small, simple fascia kit to convert 200mm dash's to the standard double din size of 180mm. Smooth, well crafted plastic allows the gaps on either side of the aftermarket unit to be filled in, leaving a clean, factory look.

Kenwood CMOS-740HD HD Rear Camera

The Kenwood CMOS-740HD HD Rear Camera is the crown jewel in your new Kenwood sound system. With certified HD image quality, have the clearest view possible when backing up your car, truck or trailer. Compatible with some selected Kenwood AV units only.

Maestro AUS-MRR Universal Radio Replacement Interface

The iDatalink Maestro MRR Universal Radio Replacement Interface connects to iDatalink-compatible JVC, Kenwood and Pioneer radios to enhance your multimedia experience with exclusive Gauges, Vehicle Info, Parking Assistance and Climate Control screens while retaining all the factory infotainment features you love such as steering wheel controls, voice commands and more.

Audison Prima APX 690 6×9″ Speakers

The Audison Prima APX 690 6x9" Speakers features an exclusive 40 mm horn loading dome tweeter that contributes to maximize efficiency up to 96dB SPL and an acoustics lens specifically designed and applied to the tweeter to increase dispersion in the high frequency range.

Audison Prima APX 6.5 6.5″ Coaxial Speakers

The Audison Prima APX 6.5 6.5" Coaxial Speakers feature a concentric coaxial tweeter: with one single point of sound emission it is possible to obtain a consistent in-phase response, with consequent reconstruction of the acoustic scene comparable to a system of separate woofer + tweeter.


Making sure we’re keeping the quality up there, we’re going to be working with the Audison range of products here. The brand Audison is a newer brand to the Australian market, but backed by elettromedia, you can be sure you’re getting nothing but the highest quality performance from Italy’s finest car audio manufacturers. 

Assuming we’re dealing with a dual cab 79-Series, we’ll be running 6×9-inch speakers in the front and 6.5-inch speakers in the rear. Couple that with dual 10-inch subwoofers to round out the sound perfectly.

We partner with ASV to supply you with the highest quality door pods for your new speaker setup. Nestled pretty will be the Audison APX 690 speakers up front to provide loud, hitting and crisp mid and bass heavy tunes. Paired with the Audison APX 6.5 6.5-inch speakers in the rears to handle crisp and clear mid and high-levels.


Subwoofers and Amplifiers

Powering the dream Toyota Landcruiser 79-Series Sound System has to be something that matches the Kenwood DMX9720XDS and the Audison Prima speakers ability to produce Hi-Res audio with enough power to bring a smile to anyones face. The Audison AF M6D 6-Channel amplifier is up to the challenge. Delivering a massive 135WRMS at 4Ω; there’s more than enough power in this bad boy to deliver amazing quality.

Certified Hi-Res level sound extending the audio band up to  40kHz this boss-level amplifier has the ability to produce out of this world sound.

Paired with the specifically crafted ASV dual sub enclosure, the Audison Prima APS 10 D 10-Inch subwoofers will drive smooth, crisp and low bass tones throughout the cabin with clarity and force unlike anything you’ve heard before.

Audison Prima APS 10 D 10″ Subwoofer

The Audison Prima APS 10 D 10" Subwoofer is designed to deliver maximum performance in a sealed enclosure with ultra-compact volumes, from 10 lt. to 12 lt.

Audison Forza AFM 6D 6-Channel Amplifier

The Audison Forza AFM 6D 6-Channel Amplifier boasts six high-fidelity amplified channels 135W x 6 @4Ω*, 220W x 6 @2Ω*, with the audiophile sound of the latest generation Audison D-Class technology. Higher switching frequencies, steeper filtering, and higher-tolerance components deliver sound above and beyond the expectation of Class D – in an amazingly compact package!

So, that’s it, the dream Toyota Landcruiser 79-Series sound system laid out in front of you. Of course, each component of this system is customisable and interchangeable, this is my answer to the question. The combination of the iDatalink Maestro and the Kenwood DMX9720XDS in anything that can accept it is unbeatable. The performance, clarity and power that comes from Audison’s speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers are literally out of this world.

With the rattly nature of the 79-series, you may want to incorporate sound deadening to this setup. Acoustic matting provides a bunch of different benefits, like reducing (sometimes eliminating) road noise which can be handy for those opting for bigger rubber on their 79’s, better temperature control and of course, the limitation of rattles and the solving of that tinny sound of a raw cabin.

I’ve been in this business for some time, and can tell you with 100% honesty that this Audison range of audio products is like listening to the best music you’ve ever heard, but better.

Give us a call today to see what can be done with your 79-Series, or any car! 


iDatalink Maestro – oh yeah, it’ll change your life.


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